The organ

Drawing of the organ by Reil

In the picture above you find a drawing of the organ, made by organ maker Reil (NL), who will be building the instrument. In the actual instrument, the organ doors will be painted in appropriate style by an artist. The design and specifications of the organ is based on research, many conversations with experts and organ builders, and of course the existing examples in Italy. You can find the details in the disposition below, but please let us know if you have any questions. We are happy to explain our decisions to you in further detail!


Ripieno Concerto
8' Principale 8' Voce Umana (discant)
4' Ottava 8' Regali
2' Decimaquinta   Zampogna
1⅓' Decimanona    
1' Vigesimaseconda    
Pitch a1 = 465Hz at 20°C
Temperament ¼ comma meantone
Compass CDEFGA-c3 (short octave)
split keys for A♭ and D♯
Pedal CDEFGA-c (always connected to the keyboard)
Wind supply manual bellows
with levers that can be operated by either a 'calcant' or the organist
optional external electronic wind supply (for rehearsals)