Investing in such a special (and valuable) musical instrument like this is not possible without a little support of others. We are very happy that the Gieskes-Strijbis Fonds, the Municipality of The Hague, the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Zuid-Holland and several other foundations and private sponsors are already supporting our project. However, for the remaining part your help is much appreciated!


88,0% - €100.546 of €114.469*

* These are the costs of the organ, including some necessary costs for the realization of the project (insurance, rental of space, founding a foundation for the instrument, etc.).

Benefits for you

Your donation is not only a great support for the organ, it could also bring you many benefits. Thanks to our Culturele ANBI-status for the Dutch Belastingdienst (tax office), your donation can give you tax benefits. We also compiled a list of presents that we would like to offer you in return for your gift. Most of them are especially relevant to Dutch supporters, but we are always open to your suggestions outside The Netherlands.

  • >€50 You will receive a personal invitation for the festive presentation concert of the new organ (planned for 2020).
  • >€100 Not one, but two tickets for the presentation concert will be yours!
  • >€250 All the above, and we will mention your name in the program booklet at the presentation concert, and on the website that will be made for the organ in 2019. Of course it is possible to remain anonymous, if you prefer.
  • >€500 For 500 euros or more, it is also possible to mention the name of your company instead of your own name.
  • >€1.000 All the above, and you will receive two tickets for another concert of the Castello Consort of your choice (in 2019 or 2020).
  • >€2.500 All the above, and you will have access for two persons to all of our concerts in 2019 and 2020.
  • >€7.500 All of the above, and we will play a personal concert in your living room (or any other location of your choice. Even if you are living outside of The Netherlands, we are happy to discuss the possibilities of such a concert with you.

Want to help, but rather not financially?

Sharing our website with your network is also really helpful to us! For example with your friends at Facebook, your followers at Twitter and your network at LinkedIn.