A new 17th-century organ

a project of the Castello Consort

9 december 2019


Our crowdfunding campaign is now online at Voordekunst! We are offering you lots of interesting gifts in return for your gift, so have a look at the website!

29 november 2019

The bellows...

The bellows are now ready in Reil's workshop. This makes it possible to give wind to the organ by hand, without the help of electricity. The organ will really breathe! An amazing piece of work, that only a few organ builders know how to do...

18 october 2019

Windchest ready

The windchest connects all parts of the organ: from the keyboard to the pipes. The organ pipes will fit in the holes on the picture. This important part of our organ is now finished!

17 september 2019

Metal orgen pipes

Great news: all metal organ pipes are finished now. We can't wait to hear how they will sound!

2 september 2019

Benefit concert in The Hague

Coming Saturday, September 7, we will play a benefit concert in the Lutherse Kerk in our hometown The Hague. The most beautiful chamber music from the 17th century, with the special historical Italian organ of this church! No need to reserve tickets, you can just walk in. We hope to see you there, at 15:30!

8 july 2019

Regale ready

The regale might be the smallest register of the organ in size, but in volume it will be one of the biggest! The tone is produced with 'tongues', comparable to the reed of a bassoon or shawm.

1 july 2019

Keyboard finished

Now the work is really going fast! The keyboard is finished, and it looks stunning! The lower keys are made of Buxus wood, and the upper keys and fronts are made of Ebony. And of course it has a short octave and 'split black keys' for the meantone temperament! Het schiet nu al behoorlijk op! Het klavier is helemaal af, en het ziet er prachtig uit! Buxushouten ondertoetsen, en ebbenhouten boventoetsen en frontons. En natuurlijk een kort octaaf en dubbele 'zwarte toetsen' voor de middentoonstemming!

5 juni 2019

Keyboard nearly ready!

Here is a first picture of the keyboard... The double black keys are already visible, can you find them?

4 april 2019

A very special organ pipe

Only a few of today's organ builders can make such wonderful artwork of an organ pipe! With this historical technique, shapes are 'folded' into the organ pipe, using a knife.

2 april 2019

Wooden bass pipes finished

The lowest bass pijpes are made from wood (after historical examples) - of course open at the top, for the characteristic Principale-sound. It smells wonderful in Reil's workshop, because all wooden pipes are now finished!

16 november 2018

Visiting Orgelmakerij Reil in Heerde

During this visit we decided about all the final details, and checked out the technical drawings of the new organ. The organ maker can now really start building! The expected delivery will be in October 2019. Very exciting!

7 november 2018

Orgelmakerij Reil visiting Den Haag

Today, Orgelmakerij Reil visited us in Den Haag to get some last inspiration before they finish the final drawings of the organ. We had much fun trying historical organs!

29 oktober 2018

Stichting Dioraphte

With this positive reply to our final fund application at Dioraphte, we can announce that the building of the organ can officially start!

14 september 2018

Gemeente Den Haag

The Municipality of The Hague also decided positive about our request for the Subsidy for Cultural Enterpreneurship. We are very happy with this helpful contribution!

20 april 2018

Niemeijer Fonds

Another fantastic donation to the organ! This time by the Niemeijer Fonds.

29 march 2018

First drawings

Organ builder Reil (Heerde, NL) completed the first drawing of the new organ, and we are very enthusiastic about them! To give you an idea about the size: the instrument is a little more than two metres high, and can be taken apart in three separate parts. This way it will fit in any standard van or big car.

20 january 2018

Decision for organ builder

After speaking with several organ makers, we finally decided that Orgelmakerij Reil (Heerde, NL) may build the instrument for us. We found that their ideas corresponded best with ours. They also have a very good international reputation for restoring and building historical organs. We are looking forward to the final result!

29 october 2017

On an organ balcony in Pavia...

In the final days of our visit to Pavia, we got the chance to rehearse with an original 18th-century church organ.

26 october 2017

Historical organ in Pavia

During our residency at GhislieriMusica in Pavia (Italy) we checked out every church to see if there was a historical organ, and with success! In the main cathedral, we found an original organ of roughly the same size as our project. We even got to try it out: click here for a short video on our Instagram (it was not tuned though...).

20 september 2017

Concert with 16th-century organ

On the 20th of September we played a concert with the unique historical organ in Oosthuizen (NL). Some parts of it might even have been used at Sweelinck's wedding... A big difference with Italian organs from the same time is the volume: the organ in Oosthuizen has a high wind pressure (thus making it sound louder). At the top of this page is a video, where you can hear how it sounded.